Sustainable Marine Teak

16th Aug 2018

Nauteak Marine's products are manufactured from teak sourced from Indonesia, where teak has been grown in plantations for over 200 years, . There are no natural teak forests in Indonesia, and it has now been several decades since the last natural forests were removed to make room for teak plantations.

teak timber-from responsible sources

The Indonesian government, through the Forestry Department Perum Perhutani, owns and manages 3.2 million acres of sustainable teak plantations. In addition there are many privately owned plantations. Collectively this valuable teak resource provides an important environment to many wildlife species that have become established and flourished since the 1700s.

A sustainable and properly managed teak industry gives value to the land upon which the plantations are grown, and without teak this land may well be cleared for the production of an alternative crop such as palm oil. Through careful and responsible forest management, trees are constantly being planted at a rate that exceeds those being felled.

As a leading distributor of teak furniture, Nauteak Marine recognizes the influence it plays on the industry and the impact it has on teak forest conservation and management.

By sourcing teak from certified Indonesia plantations, Nauteak Marine supports the local economy. Teak production provides local employment to many Indonesians - an estimated 500,000 people (including family members) depend on teak as a source of income. And the industry provides important export revenue to Indonesia. Because 100% of our teak is sourced through Indonesia's Forestry Department, we have complete transparency of the supply chain.

We source our teak wood from well-managed, credibly certified forests. Our factory is a certified manufacturer under the Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS), assuring the legality of products from the point of harvesting, transporting, trading, and manufacturing through SVLK verification.

SVLK verification (Wood Legality and Verification System) ensures that the export of timber products complies with Indonesian forestry laws and is designed to stop illegal logging, establish a culture of using legal products, and contribute to sustainable forest management. 

When you purchase from Nauteak Marine you can be sure your product has been produced ethically and sustainably.

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